Leveraging Technology and Innovation In Sub Saharan Africa

Meet Our GSB Alumni, Meet My Classmate , as they are passing through Paris

GSB alumni Maurizio Caio (MBA ’86), Andreata Muforo (MBA ’09) and Ido Sum (MBA ’11)
The trio has operated in the SSA technology sector since 2008 by completing investments in mobile and ICT companies serving the SSA region, working with local SSA entrepreneurs and co-investors to build a qualified pipeline of local investment opportunities in selected segments, and has established on the ground offices in Nairobi for East and Southern Africa in 2013 and in Lagos for West Africa in 2015.
They will be presenting their insights onHow ICT can significantly accelerate economic and social progress in developing economies, how market driven solutions that leverage ICT can serve their needs profitably and with massive value generation upside, positioning entrepreneurship as a key development tool, and why Sub Saharan Africa is emerging as an attractive developing region.
– Maurizio Caio is the Founder and Managing Partner of TLcom TIDE, based in Nairobi, was former head of the Technology practice of Bain & Company before starting TLcom Capital in 1999;
– Ido Sum, Partner of TLcom TIDE, based in London, tech entrepreneur in East Africa, and tech incubator and mentor in the profit and non-profit sector in Israel;
– Andreata Muforo, Partner of TLcom TIDE, based in Nairobi, Stanford MBA, formerly in the Private Equity team with Africa Development Bank, and with East Africa corporate finance advisor Horizon Capital.

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